The turbulences of not traveling…

It always feels really good to get home from a long trip and come home to a place of comfort and familiarity…

Home views

But what about when you have haven’t been on a trip in a bit? Two months off of a flight during the summer is giving me heartburn. Except I forgot, I hate travel during the summer months so it’s sort of a non-truth….

Where to next?

Where to next?

However, what do most travel bloggers do when this happens and there are no current plans to be up in the air anytime soon? Visit local sites…Right!  Who knew we had sunflower fields up the road from downtown D.C.?

Sunflowers fields

Sunflowers fields

Going to events in DC of late, lately the very FIRST question people now ask is “where are you headed on your next trip”? I’m not always going somewhere, but I get it has become my personal brand.

Being philosophical, what if there were no more planned anythings? The sky wouldn’t fall, would it? Or would it, or  would there be just too much champagne to cover it all up…lol

Champagne dreaming

Champagne dreaming

I’m blessed to be able to fly off at a whim. Hell, might be broke one day but I will have checked off my bucket lists!  I can’t say I will always have the wind at my back but have certainly had some hella worldwide sunsets, solo and with friends 💕#fabulous

It does help that I have amazing these inspirational photos to help remind me that there are more blue waters to explore & more rice paddy terraces to find. Apparently according to the app “been” I’ve only tackled 24% of the world! WTF?

Blue skies

Challenge accepted! Cultures are disappearing and boundaries expanding. So much so, that the current POTUS has threatened to build a wall on the Southern US border! Only kind of wall I accept is a historical centuries old wall like viewed below.

Great Wall!

Well lucky for me I am back up in the air to new destination…well, you’ll just have to see where and follow me across all social media & at my blog @carryonforone for the next adventure! Wheels up now!



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  1. Anne, thank you for your courage to explore beyond the norm! Safe travels and I cant wait to follow you on your current road to paridise.
    • Anne
      Thanks CL! Always pushing those boundaries since tomorrow is not promised. ✈️

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