Sintra’s Initiation Well. A place to visit in your lifetime!

Sintra has many different sites within the town to visit. While checking in to my bed and breakfast, I asked the owner which of the top sights he suggested seeing while visiting Sintra the following day.

He advised me to visit the Quinto da Regaleira estate at first opening. This is where it pays to travel solo for every guide book advises it takes at least TWO hours to tour the gardens.


I don’t have two hours, much less a desire to walk botanical gardens for that long! Seriously?

What I did have, was a desire to see the hidden “Initiation Well”.

I followed the B&B owner’s advice and was third in line at the entrance which opened at 10:00am.

Quinta da Regaleira is a breathtaking place to visit. After paying your entry fee, you are given a map of the estate. I took a quick peek inside the Palacio located directly at the park’s entrance however, I was determined to find the underground tunnels which lead to the Initiation Well. I hoped to locate the well in advance of the long line of tourists behind me who would be competing for camera angles.

Wandering quickly through the gardens and after a few wrong turns, I was blessed to find the underground tunnel that leads to the circular well tower.

Tunnels to Sintra Well


With only one tourist family behind me, I had the site practically to myself! What a fantastic find!

Sintra’s Initiation Well!

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