My Kardashian Moment at Four Season George V Paris

Drinking BUBBLY like Kim Kardashian at the super luxe Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris!

George V is the type of establishment in the City of Lights that redefines luxury. Since my solo traveling pockets are not Kardashian deep enough to rest my head here, I always manage to treat myself to at least a glass of champagne at the George V bar. It’s the next best way to soak in the ambiance that this uber luxury property oozes.

When it comes to visual grandeur, the lobby of George V can leave you awestruck. This is luxe glamour at its height. And by height, I do mean the glorious golden holiday lobby sentries you walk past at the lobby entrance.

The hotel garden courtyard held beautiful decorations as well. They had not finished all the decorations when I visited, but here you have a sense of what’s to come…

This is a hotel that is visually stunning. A hotel that is impeccably glamorous and makes you feel special. It’s worth the visit inside just to soak up some of the trendy chicness. The Four Seasons is an oasis amongst the sprawling and hectic Paris streets.

The plush banquets and lounge seating next to the fireplace were full, so I settled up to the bar and took a peek at the cocktail menu just to peruse whatever the bar was pouring.

At 26 euros a glass, the libation selections better be damn inventive….

After ordering my glass of clicquot champagne, I settled in to watch the bartender whip up one of these pricy cocktails. He is very serious about his craft….

Ah, my moment of happiness…now just keep filing my glass up….

Well, a glass of bubbly champagne always makes me feel restored. As I left the glitzy hotel through the circular swinging door, I glimpsed the paparazzi and autograph seekers grouped together in the rain outside of the entrance. I am sure they were waiting for their chance at someone famous to depart, maybe someone who had been settled in one of the lounge seats behind me at the bar… Ah well…even though they paid me no mind, I’d just had my own star moment of heaven at the prestigious Four Seasons George V! Until next visit! A la prochain!

Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris
31 Avenue George V
75008 Paris, France


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