L’As du Falafel, in Paris’s Marais district

Waiting in line

Many times I’ve walked past the long Falafel lines in the ever hip Marais district of Paris on a Sunday and wondered why someone would wait so long for street food which is not the norm style of dining in France. Que bizarre…

I usually don’t “do” street food in Paris either. It’s not that I’m opposed to it, but in the Marais, I usually have my go-to spot Breizh Café for sit down service of delicious buckwheat crepes or Chez Omar for terrific couscous. However on this particular day, I figured I didn’t feel like doing the usual and wanted to see what all the fuss for Falafel was all about. The spot Chez Hanna Falafel I had read about was closed, so I went to L’As du Falafel. Wow! What a handful and mouthful of deliciousness!

L’As du Falafel

Pack your patience to stand in line and then wait to lick your lips around this delicious mess, and get plenty of napkins… Now I get the long waits and lines. J

34 rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France

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