Lake Como always speaks to me


There are places you visit and experience them once and never return. Then there are places that you visit and return time and time again. Varenna, Italy, located about 60 kilometers north of Milan and about 20 kilometers northwest of Lecco, is that place for me. So much so, that when I travel to Italy, I will often stop in Milan to decompress and de-jet lag (is that even a word?) by the calm and scenic waters before continuing my travels throughout the country.

Some may call it a detour but in reality it is pure bliss. It’s amazing how spending quiet-time in an intimate Italian village can help renew your spirit.

The charm of its tiny streets and picturesque views, I love the quaintness of Varenna. Having a balcony overlooking the peaceful view of Lake Como never hurts either.

Varenna, Italy (Lake Como)

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