Kao Pancake House- Kapolei, Hawaii

Hawaii!! How awesome to get there!

Kapolei, Hawaii

Kapolei, Hawaii

Yet, how expensive!

Many beach resort hotels are very aware they hold a captive restaurant audience with their vacationers. Many resort vacationers do not rent automobiles as the “resort” is often their final beach destination. Therefore these same vacationers are often hostages to whatever restaurant fare is available on site. This most especially happens during breakfast service, for how many vacationers bother seeking out alternatives when just awakening? That being said, the food at low to mid-level hotel chains can be uninspiring and the prices ridiculous for what you end up being served. And trust me, Hawaii can be expensive for dining!

If I have a rental car, you’ll not find me saddled up to a hotel buffet if I can help it, but rather out exploring what the local culture is serving up that is tasty.

In the case of my recent stay at the Marriott Ko Olina (soon to be turned into a Four Season’s property), I kept reading about a tiny strip mall place called Kao Pancake House in Kapolei, not 10 minutes away from the resort that had amazing simple food at great prices.

When you pull up to Kao Pancake House, don’t judge the book by its cover. Simplistic décor of laminated tables and faux wood booths do not do justice to their delicious food. What a terrific find! The macadamia nut pancakes are out of this world. The spicy Portuguese sausage ordered as a side along with softly scrambled eggs rounded out breakfast nicely.

Kokohead Café Macadamia Pancakes

Kokohead Café Macadamia Pancakes

So delicious was their breakfast, Kao Pancake House became the breakfast choice three days running, until finally….heading to Waikiki proper and I found some amazing eats there… But even so, Kao Pancake House has a location in Waikiki as well! Do try Kao Pancake House as a breakfast option while in Hawaii.

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