Bali’s Culture Nurtures All Who Visit

Bali has always invited and welcomed travelers with smiling faces and open arms. Many travelers come to Bali having viewed it’s vast colorful richness displayed from movies such as Eat, Pray, Love.

Balinese culture

Yoga, vistas, ocean, relaxation….yes, its all here to enjoy. When driving through the countryside, there’s simply no need for Hollywood technicolor enhancement. The lushness speaks for itself.

Bali rice fields

Bali rice fields

Vistas of colors pop all throughout the Bali countryside. Emerald green water filled rice paddies sparkle, even on the cloudiest of days.

Rice paddies

Bali terraced rice fields

Palm tree interior regions showcase lush canopies over which blue skies struggle to penetrate.

Aqua blue waters rush onto white, brown and black sand beaches throughout the island varied shores.

Pathway to black sand beach

Beaches in Bali

Beaches of Bali

Stunning architectural temples dot the landscape with over 20,000 throughout Bali. Temple areas most often are filled with trees, green gardens and vast water ponds.

Tirtagangga Temple

Bali offers trekking through mountain ranges and volcanoes, two of which are said to be active.

Mount Agung volcano

Daily Hindu offerings of colorful flowers and petals adorn entryways, statues and temples. These devotional gifts to the Balinese Hindu belief system are everywhere.

Hindu offerings

As well, you will see offerings to sooth the demons and keep them away. Balinese have a complicated set of mystical beliefs. The Balinese believe the previous volcanic eruption in 1963 was a sign of the wrath of the gods.

Hindu offerings

In fact every aspect of daily life involves some offering, prayer or worship to the gods. Even, from the backs of boats departing Bali shores, blessings and offerings to the gods are released into the waters for safe passage.

Hindu offerings

Bali’s mostly Hindu population is a stark anomaly to the rest of Indonesia’s predominantly Muslim population. In fact Bali is its own quaint bubble. And the seaside colors can calm any soul.

Bali waters near Sanur

No wonder the culture attracts so many “peace, love” devotees for this is an island where kindnesses prevail as directed through the Hindu belief system.

Bali’s beautiful shores

Once you have visited a return trip is unavoidable. Here’s to an offering for a blessed return.

Offerings to a blessed return to Bali


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  2. Nice! Bali is one of my countries of interest to do a first solo trip to. Also, for a spiritual uplift. I wonder how they interpreted the recent volcanoe eruption.

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