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Terrific International Countries for Female Solo Travel

My top 10 Safest International Countries  for Female Solo Travel (in no particular order) 1) Scandinavia - Okay, so Scandinavia is not actually one country but a region within Europe! I know, I know… but the cities I’ve listed within Scandinavia (below) are some of the safest, friendliest and easiest of all to visit as…
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Lake Como always speaks to me

There are places you visit and experience them once and never return. Then there are places that you visit and return time and time again. Varenna, Italy, located about 60 kilometers north of Milan and about 20 kilometers northwest of Lecco, is that place for me. So much so, that when I travel to Italy,…
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Casa Guedes, Porto, Portugal

If tomorrow begins without me…. I will at least have had the best Pork Knuckle sandwich ever! Finding this spot in Porto was no simple task especially when my phone lost cellular or GPS service! To make matters worse, I left my back up charger clear across town. What does one do? I plodded on,…
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