A Rainy Winter Saturday in Paris

My day started by enjoying a cup of tea and opening the flat’s window to get a feel of how cool the day might be. The added benefit of the open windows with the cooling breeze was listening to the pealing of church bells from Paris’s oldest church a block away (the Église Saint-Germain-des-Prés).

Airbnb 6eme Paris

Airbnb 6eme Paris

Noticing a break in rain while finishing my tea, I quickly walked the few blocks to La Pharmacie Citypharma to pick up some essential French creams and beauty items. To be fair, I keep a continually updated list with photos (to avoid any language barrier) I shop from.

CityPharma beauty product list

The cost difference for buying French products at this particular pharmacy vs. getting the same products in the United States makes it worth the hassle of having to check luggage on the return home to stay in line with TSA liquids rule.

Cost comparison of products

Cost comparison of products- $35 US vs 12 Euros for the Anthelios!

Getting in and out of Citypharma (the pharmacy’s nickname) on the early side is key to avoiding the crush of Saturday shoppers and foreign tourists each armed with their own beauty product lists. Heeding my growling tummy, I walked briskly a few blocks over to Eggs and co.

Eggs & Co.

Just after arriving inside it started to pour down rain. I chose window ledge seat for some awesome Oeufs Brouilles and Jus d’Orange (scrambled eggs as only the French can do and orange juice).

Eggs & Co. scrambled eggs with OJ

Next stop was about 6 blocks to the world famous Poilane for some bread and of course a delicious pastry or two!


Poilane breads

After dropping all the items at the apartment. I walked over to a favorite shop to drool at the 2nd hand Birkin bag at Catherine B. and buy some macaroon and chocolates for gifts to take back home.

Macaroons for presents!

Unusual Paris chocolates for gifting

Next stop Marche aux Puces…

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