48 hours in Warsaw

Happily made it to Warsaw for 48 hours.

Ryanair Airlines

Upon arrival to Modlin, met my ride and then got checked into my apartment.

Modlin Airport Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It’s has an Old Town area which is beautiful and quaint. Just outside of the Old Town area there are many other sights and cultural areas to visit.

Opera Narodowa

Cool Architecture

Plac Trzech Krzyzy

I really enjoyed the Old Town area with the small walking streets and square. I had originally planned to stay in the Old Town area but got a chance to stay at my friend‘s corporate apartment close by. For a first-time visitor, I would highly recommend staying in Old Town as a base.

Old town Warsaw

The first night I joined my companions for dinner and cocktails at Sheesha Lounge and club La Vie. Warsaw gets started late. While our dinner was ending at 11pm, people were just arriving and filling up the place.

Warsaw at night

It was fun to check out a foreign nightclub. As a solo female traveler, I rarely would even think to go to a club alone at night. It was fun to get out late and enjoy myself and have fun with my friends. Attempting not to stick out too much as a tourist, I kept my phone out of sight most of the night and only took one decent shot. I still laugh at this elevator shot of me and the boys taking the elevator up to La Vie’s rooftop. I think the odds were totally in my favor!

Me and the boys going up to the club

Saturday, I slept in a bit to shake off the jet lag and then took an Uber to have a lovely breakfast at Charlotte restaurant. Their food is delicious and fresh. Even tasted some scrumptious, just out of the oven hot bread with a selection of delicious jams. Their croissants are every bit as good as those in France.

Breakfast at Charlotte restaurant

I met my new friend Philip a bit later at the Palace of Culture and Science.

Palace of Culture and Science

Philip took me to try Polish pizza at the Bistro located inside a London Double decker bus! Even though I was quite full from breakfast, I went all in!

Polish Pizza

Polish Pizza

British double decker bus

We spent the early afternoon walking through the city where Phillip showed me some of the Warsaw sites.

Lazienki park and museum

Lazienki Park and museum

Afterwards, I spent some time resting back at the apartment and then later took an Uber to dinner in Old town. I knew there was no way I could leave Poland having not tried some perogies!  Perogies are filled dumplings a speciality of Central European origin. While walking, Philip had pointed out a restaurant named Zapiecek.  Zapiecek specializes in serving traditional Polish food. I spotted a Zapiecek restaurant branch in Old Town and ordered a combination tasting of 9 differently fillled Perogies. Delish!

Perogies and beer

Perogies and beer

Full and satiated, I walked back through the Old Town. It was very beautiful and peaceful walking at night on the cobblestoned streeets alone close to midnight. In fact, I never felt unsafe during my stay in Wasrsaw.

Old town by night

Old town walls

Old town by night

Old town by night

After dinner I walked to a champagne bar named Bubbles for what else but some bubbly!

Bubbles at champagne bar Bubbles

Cute spot loved the signage and decor.


Bubbles champagne bar in Warsaw

Bubbles champagne bar in Warsaw

Afterwards I took an Uber back to the apartment. Uber in Warsaw is extremely inexpensive and the way to go. You don’t have to worry about cash or any language barrier issues. I highly recommend using uber to get around.
I flew back out of Chopin airport the morning of the Warsaw marathon when streets were closed. I had no problems and quickly arrived to check in for my flight to Bucharest. Ryanair flies exclusivly into Modlin and is 45 minute to hour drive through traffic to Warsaw. Chopin airport is much closer and is only 20 minutes from town. Highly recommend flying into Chopin if you can.

Wiz Airlines

All in all, had a great 48 hours in Warsaw and would recommend you add it to your travel cities to visit.

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