About Me


Carry On For One is a solo travel blog source for all travelers and lovers of travel, food and wine written mostly from a female solo travel perspective. My travels encompass random experiences, adventures and insights.

In addition, my blog Carry On For One also shares recommendations and thoughts on the Washington DC food and drink scene.

Shrimp fishing in Alaska

Who I am

First of all, my name is Anne Selee. I am a native Washingtonian who is also a well versed female solo traveler. Therefore, as much as I love DC, I also love to get out to travel.  Most of all, if food and wine are involved…. what could be better!! Basically,  I am a culinary travel addict!

Also, as an adopted daughter to an American father and Scandinavian mother, my family traveled quite a bit.  As a result, most school holidays would find our family exploring new cultures and tastes throughout Europe and abroad. Consequently, I want to prove to fellow wanderlusts (especially a solo female traveler), that despite any insecurities or worries, you can take that travel adventure! As a result, dispelling travel insecurities was how I traveled solo my very first time!

Most of my current travels consist of “itinerary adventures” intended to maximize and condense a full week’s worth of travel into shorter but fulfilling “long weekends”. In this way any female solo traveler can maximize their vacation days for the long haul trips!


Finally, many of my food and wine recommendations are collaborated with restaurant industry and hospitality contacts. Hence they include recommendations from tastemakers, sommeliers, chefs, and other industry insiders. In conclusion, these insights have proved invaluable and I hope that my collection of information can help guide you for future trips to DC, abroad and elsewhere!

Oh, did I mention how much I love champagne?! Salut!

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